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A.  APPROVAL - No pets will be allowed without prior approval from Management, including replacements for deceased pets, as management retains the right to refuse new animals.

B.  BASIC GUIDELINES - A maximum of 2 pets and only the following types will be allowed:
     Maximum Number:  2
     Must be spayed or neutered
     Must have Distemper & Rabies Shots
     Must be licensed

     Maximum Number:  2
     Must be spayed or neutered
     Must have Distemper & Rabies Shots

     Maximum Number:  2
     Wings must be clipped

C.  RESTRICTED DOG BREEDS - The following dog breeds, and breed mixes, are restricted, and management may choose not to accept any pet, even if they are not listed below.
 Rottweiler  Doberman Pinscher
 Pit Bull  American Staffordshire Terrier        
 Staffordshire Bull Terrier                 American Bulldog
 German Shepherd  Tosa Inus
 Shar Pei  Wolf Hybrid
 Dalmatian  Boxer
 Alaskan Malamute  Basset Hound
 Bloodhound  Bull Mastiff
 Argentine Dogo  Akita
 Presa Canario  Fila Brasilerio
 Chow Chow  Saint Bernard
 Cane Corso  Great Dane
 Siberian Husky  

D.  PET DEPOSIT - A pet deposit of $400 will be required for all pets.  However, the Resident's liability for damage caused by the pet is not limited to the amount of the deposit and the Resident will, however, be required to reimburse the owner for damages that exceed the deposit.

E.  PET RENT - A Pet total of $40 per month will be required for all pets.  This rent is in addition to the apartment rent.

F.  PET DOCUMENTATION - You will be asked to provide a current picture of your pet(s), pet license(s), current vaccination record(s) (including distemper and rabies shots) and proof your pet(s) has been spayed or neutered.  For more information on how to obtain a pet license, please click here.